Mar 14, 2017

New Day. New Commitment.

Today, I become professional about this career I launched far too many years ago.

Today, I set aside time - every day - to write.

This past couple of years have been hard, (and thus, the excuses begin, but I promise, by the end of this paragraph, they end.) The loss of a parent, picking up pieces, figuring out the intricacies of taking over a family business, keeping another parent busy, coddling one child, neglecting another.... Those were the reasons I neglected the writing. Airbnb cottage flipping, career development classes, working the 9-5 to keep the family business going....

But today, I am a writer... again. Slow and steady wins the race... if it was a race against anyone other than myself... which it ain't. It's just me... and a laptop... and a cup of coffee... and the semblance of sanity... and some words. Lots and lots of words. Here we go... again.

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