"Free" Beer and Pork Rinds! Get'em Here!

In this scenario, the "free" bit actually costs the amount of energy it takes to subscribe to my blog. The "beer and pork rinds" is actually a weekend at "The Fox Den: A Writer's Retreat" during the weekend of the Festival of the Book in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Intrigued? I thought so. The promise of free beer and pork rinds does it every time. (But remember, there isn't really free beer... or pork rinds. Okay, okay, I'll spring for a six-pack of beer, (age restrictions apply), but I cannot bring myself to introduce anyone to pork rinds, which is, as it describes, the rind, a.k.a. skin, or a pork, a.k.a. pig. That's just nasty.

But I digress. The real offer is for a weekend during the Festival of the Book at The Fox Den. What, you ask, is The Fox Den? Well, it's this:


It's quiet. It's a place to hunker down and get that novel started, finished, tackled. And it's all going down during the Festival of the Book, which is a five day, mostly free event of book talks, workshops, networking, writerly stuff in Charlottesville, Virginia, March 2016. This offer is for the weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


So get your name down for a chance to win the free weekend at The Fox Den. All you have to do is click that little thingy right... over... there. See it? It says "Subscribe to Sofie Couch". Click that. I'll select one name on the March 5th. (I promise to close my eyes and choose blindly. Don't know how yet, but I'll concoct something equitable.

You, yes, YOU could be the one! Do it! Be a writer. Be in it to win it!


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