So "Right-Brained" I Lean When I Walk

They say opposites attract... and I guess that must be true.When I met my husband, I knew he was special - in the best sense of the word. Two children later, he found he was soon out numbered. You see, we (the children and I), process information in the "normal" way - with pictures and colors. It has been said before, that I am so "right-brained", I lean when I walk. The kids and I, we make leaps in thought. We don't understand the "non-picture words", the tough words like "the" and "of" and "multi-transmutifaction". (I made that one up.)
And my sweet husband, the father of my children, is as linear-sequential as they come. He sorts through pages of data. He writes code for his day job. He enjoys creating spreadsheets. He has to hear a story from beginning to end in chronological order.
Oh woe is me, the author spouse who writes in non-linear fashion. The good news is, together, we make a great team. I decorate the tree at Christmas time. (He balances the Christmas budget.) I do most of the cooking. (He does the grocery shopping.) I pack a pair of shorts and a swimsuit and I'm ready to hit the waves. (He plans the trip, rents the cabin, and buys the tickets.)
We exasperate each other... often. Then I remind myself, without him, I'd fall over on my head.


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