Jammin' in Comic Form

I go months, then bam, bam, blog posts?

'Cause life got interesting. This weekend, I particpated in a Comic Jam. What, you ask, is a Comic Jam? That's what I wanted to know. Essentially, a comic jam, (or gamer jam or any kind of "jam" - except the kind you you have with tea and bread) is 24 hours of a thing. In this case, 24 hours of making a 10 page, (multi panel) comic book.

Why would a novelist participate in a comic book jam? 1) Awesome people. 2) An opportunity to surround myself with people who are WAY better at a thing than I could ever hope to be, 3) So much to learn, and 4) Could the take-away be a new way of punching it during NaNoWriMo?
(In case you haven't heard, NaNoWriMo is that insane month during which writers try to eek out an entire novel - 50K pages - in 30 days. Yes, November has a big holiday thrown in there too.)

And the answer to this question, was a definitive, yes. Yes, we could jam it in November. Anyone else game? Writing. 24 hours. Punchin' it. Let's do it!!!

And to see what went on at the comic jam, you can check out the blog that was created by our fearless, (and sleep deprived), leader just for that event:

Let's get ready to jam!


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