I Care! Maybe you will too?

by Sofie Couch

Every once in a while, I need to be reminded about my goal in writing a story. Okay, I know WHY I'm writing the story. It's because I care... about something. A character, a situation, a setting, etc. But I often forget that my goal, is to make the reader care too.

So this morning, when I was looking for some Monday morning inspiration, I ran across this Ted Talk, "How to Tell a Story". In it, speaker and storyteller, Andrew Stanton, reminds us why we read a story and the author's goal.

And that was what drew me in about my latest book club's book of the month, Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline. Honestly, I was afraid, (based on the title and cover art) that this was going to be a little depressing. I mean, honestly, a train full of orphans being sent across the country to find new homes? That's some serious potential for depression. But almost immediately I was struck by the author's ability to tell a story and to make me care. It's actually a story about optimism.

There you have it. I have nothing more to offer you than to say, "make your reader care" and in order to do that, you (storyteller) have to care. So go out and write something - and care about it - and make me care about it.

Happy Monday!


  1. Hi, Sofie! Excellent Monday motivation! And thank you for pointing me to Andrew's TED Talk. Good stuff.

    1. Hey Denise. Happy to oblige. He's great, isn't he? And on a similar note, whenever a new Pixar film comes out, they usually have a short that airs before the feature film. Check those out. In six minutes, they can make you care about an inanimate object! Awesome.


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