Frankenstein: That Bad Boy is Messed Up

It's October. So it's my annual re-post of my feelings about Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN. 

Yes, every year, I attempt to promote this notion that Frankenstein - the monster with whom we are all familiar, is one messed up dude with Split Personality Disorder. Beast, Doctor. Captain Walton. ALL THE SAME GUY!!! (I'm yelling it here. See all those caps?)

Have you read the original copy yet or are you relying on the Frankenstein that is portrayed in films? You need to read that puppy. Here. We have to begin with the same background:

Whenever the creature appears to Victor, it is always described as through the filter of some reflective substance: ice, water, glass, as in his statement, “”how was I terrified when I viewed myself in a transparent pool” and again, “hope… vanished when I beheld my person reflected in water or my shadow in the moonshine…” (Multiple instances, too numerous to site.)

And what's more, I think I know why he suffers so. He has been forced to conceal his homosexuality. Bear with me!!! Don't hang up. Don't dash the book to the floor and think me crazy. Suspend belief.
The "daemon" is on what can only be described as a killing spree - his father, (who undoubtedly showed a preference for his other children including one adopted child,) mother, brother, adopted sister, best friend - Clerval - and countless seaman whom he was able to persuade to engage in a death-defying journey to the North Pole.

At times calm and articulate, Victor is given to spells of self-admitted madness. As Capt. Walton, he admits of Victor, “his eyes have generally an expression of wildness, and even madness….” (Multiple instances of self-proclaimed insanity, too numerous to site.)

Victor proclaims evidence of the truth of his tall tale via written records and verbal histories, yet can produce no solid physical evidence. His tales are quite inventive and he conveniently conjures witnesses who suffer from blindness, or who are, sadly, and no doubt by his own hands, dead.
There fore, it is my conclusion that Victor, a.k.a. Captain Walton, a.k.a., the daemon, has produced this fantasy as a means of coping with his homosexuality. (Seriously, that relationship with Clerval goes beyond bro-mance.) His killing spree peaked at the height of his having to face his homosexuality, (on his wedding night... to his adopted sister. Eww.) Unable to create a suitable mate for himself, (another homosexual mate being beyond his realm of acceptablility for that time period,) he has concocted this monster mate that would destroy the order of a conventional lifestyle.

So there you have it. Frankenstein. Split Personality Disorder. Smoke on that, then let's discuss!

And I can hardly wait to see the new version starring Benedict Cumberbatch. How-oh-how will he portray it?


  1. Check it out! Even Cumberbatch portrays it as a "split personality" by swapping roles with the other co-starring actor! Dude! Now does my long-held belief hold water? It's backed by the 'Batch!


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