The Voices in My Head All Have a Southern Drawl

What is it that constitutes southern fiction? Here's your opportunity to ask that question at

Virginia Festival of the Book's, "Small Towns and Sweet Tea" panel discussion, Saturday March 22nd, at 10 AM. (Click the link for all of the details.) But the typical format includes a Q&A with the writing genius of Liz Everly, Mollie Bryan, Nancy Naigle, Terri Osburn, Mary Burton, Elaine Grant, and Hope Ramsay!
Photo courtesy of Patrick Fuller

I have a particular fondness for this topic, because, like the title says, those voices in my head, all have a southern drawl, and they love a return to their home-base. In fact, my kids maintain that that southern drawl just spills out all over the place when I'm on the phone with my mother. But it's more than just a dialect or accent. Southern fiction is about setting and family and all of the accompanying quirkiness, (dare I say, a touch of insanity as a result of inbreeding?)

Come join in the fun and meet some amazing writers!


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