Spring Cleaning: Git'n Rid-a-it

Here's a question for my writer buds. Do you save hard copies of every novel you've ever written? I'm not talkin' about a single copy of each novel, but rather, the 8-1/2 X 11 X 3inches of original manuscript? Today, (15 days out from our second of four moves), I'm trying to thin out my office. I thought I had done very well after the last move to shrink from two massive drawers of a file cabinet down to a single file box.

That's what I THOUGHT! Then I began packing again and I realized, that what used to be in two file drawers had migrated to one file box, four drawers in the side board, three drawers of my secretary/desk, a 12in X 12in cardboard box, two stacks of "to be filed" papers, and a three-tier in/out box. WHAT?

Receipts for tax purposes - that's a no-brainer (I think), but what about the drawers and drawers and stacks of original manuscripts? Chime in. Let me know. Do I REALLY need to save those things?


  1. Oh, Sofie, I'm right there with you. The first thing I should ask is how do you define "original manuscripts?" Entire earlier draft versions? Hardcopies of the Finished Manuscript? Assuming you're talking drafts, I have begun discarding old pages once I have incorporated the changes into the current incarnation of the manuscript. I guess the key point would be if your pages contain something not contained in later draft pages. While I'm still writing, I keep electronic copies of each Draft Version of a manuscript along with an electronic file of Snippets. I usually discard earlier draft versions of any PUBLISHED manuscript. Why torture myself with the "what if" I had included this or that? Once it's gone to press, it's irrevocable. The only reason to keep any of those pages would be if I plan to use something to write a NEW story. Don't think any of that is news to you, but there's my 2 cents. Good luck with your battle!

    1. Thanks, Denise. I think all I needed to hear was, "you have permission to throw it out." Okay, maybe I didn't even need to hear it. I've already chucked them and four trash bags later, I already feel lighter! :)


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