Love Fest at the Virginia Festival of the Book

What an amazing day!

First and foremost, an incredible round-of-applause should be given to Madeline Iva, the brain child behind "Love Fest". Not only did she concoct this brilliant scheme to create a day of panels centered around romance novels, but she is the force, the one-woman dynamo that has made it a reality for two years running, this year even better than last year! Gooooo, Madeline!
There is really nothing to compare with a day spent in the company of brilliant women. Romance novelists, in particular, are a unique group of professionals that make the desire to go into writing an addiction. Cooperative, sharing, and smart are the descriptors that pop readily to mind. It really is unlike any other profession with which I have ever been associated. Want to know the secrets of success in a business? Ask a romance novelist. Want support and mentoring? Ask a romance novelist. Want to laugh until your cheeks hurt? Spend time with a romance novelist. Want to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you? Surround yourself with romance novelists.

So, enough from me. Here's a link to some of the pictures I took yesterday at Virginia Festival of the Book's "Love Fest". Enjoy!


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