Junk Journaling!

Did you ever think of starting a journal? I know, I know, next week, next year, the next time you're at the local stationary store and can pick-up a new journal.

Screeeeeech! Read no further, because I'm about to blow the lid off of your attempt to dodge journaling, procrastinate another day, deprive the world and future generations of your brilliance! Stop reading if you want to cling to your excuses, Because today, I'm introducing you to....

Junk Journaling
or junque journaling for the high-brow set.

First grab some lunch bags out of the cling-wrap/aluminum foil drawer. Don't have any lunch bags? Bwahaha! You don't need them. They're nice, but you do not need them. Grab a pharmacy bag, some junk mail envelopes (the sort with the little windows), etc. In short, no excuses, you've got SOMETHING in your house, in today's mail, in the garbage, that will work.

Next, stack, fold bags, insert cardboard, then punch 2-3 holes in one edge and tie it up with ribbon. And wah-lah! You're done - with the creation of the journal part. Now all you've got to do  is fill it with your brilliance Happy Journaling!

There are tons of junk journaling ideas on youtube, so check them out!


  1. LOVE this idea. Also, have you seen the Smash books? They are based on the same concept--but a little fancier.

    1. I HAVE! And I love those too! I'm spiffing up the little lame one in the picture with some cool trinkets I picked up at the Virginia Festival of the Book and it's already looking better.


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