Gone 'Tiquing!

Three cheers for antiquing, also known as, recycling, upcycling, someone else’s junk, re-purposing, road treasure, junquing, and "the day job".

And I was able to combine pleasures by visiting a friend who lives out-of-town. As if the great company wasn’t enough of a pleasure, she hauled me and my daughter around to some of her favorite thrifty haunts.
Basket of assorted shabby chic pretties
Cool brasier thingie. (Actually, I have no idea what it is.)
So this is gonna be short and sweet. Here’s what I found on my travels ‘tiquing. If you're interested, it will all be installed at my little antique booth, The Squirrel's Nest, at A&W Collectables in Keswick, Virginia.

Eddie Bauer croquet set

Actually, one could say that I’ve tripled my pleasure by visiting a dear friend, antiquing, and getting more inspiration for a character in my latest work-in-progress, MR. WRITE UNDER HER NOSE. It’s a recurrent role in which one of my characters owns an antique shop. (Of course, hers never needs dusting, it stages itself, and nothing ever needs painting or repair. It is fiction, afterall.) Coming soon!-ish.


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