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Thank you, Denise Golinowski, for involving me in this Writing Process blog tour! So, if you wanna meet some great shape-shifting were-people and learn about her writing process, check out Denise and her books, here. They'll make you howl!

What am I working on?
Because my "process" involves a lot of A.D.D. and mutli-tasking, I'm working on multiple projects at once. Upper most in my pile is a romantic comedy loosely based on the play, Cyrano DeBergerac by Edmund Rostand. Check out the original, then you might wanna plug in a couple of movie re-makes. My favorite is Roxanne!
Next/simultaneously on my plate is part of a romantic/comedy series spin-off from the Cyrano novel.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Did I mention the A.D.D. portion of this commercial? If you can multi-task, if you can enjoy a cast of 1,000 monkeys, er, characters, if you like the back-and-forth of multiple time lines and points of view, then I'm your gal! I love a complex plot line with multiple points-of-view. 

Why do I write what I do?
I think I'm a pretty happy, optimistic person - the same way I like my books. Yeah, there are villains. Yeah, there are flaws. We all have'em. So do characters. But I truly believe, most people are basically do and redeemable. We all make mistakes. The most heroic characters are those who learn from them.

How does your writing process work?
Ahhh, the guts of the blog. I write. I play banjo. I write. I wash a dish. I go off on building tangents. It spurs an idea. I write some more. I get an idea for a different story. I write it. I go back to the first story. I write it. I scribble on the wall. (Yes, I have been known to scribble on the walls.) I scold myself for scribbling on the walls and I tape some paper on the wall. I cover it in sticky notes. I write. I draw stick people doodles in the corners. I write the last chapter. I think of a better first chapter and write it. (Did I mention the A.D.D. thing?)

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Wanna see how people who are more focused do it? Visit Alleyne Dickens here, or Leah St. James here


  1. Whew, Sofie, I'm exhausted just reading this blog. You're a human whirlwind. I'm loving the idea of the Cyrano DeBergerac redeux and Roxanne was marvelous! The scene in the bar was priceless! Steve Martin is a phenom, 'nuff said. Thanks for sharing a peek at your writing process. Maybe I should try writing on walls, too!


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