"In 'Hoos' Shoes" is the Bee's Knees

For the second year running, UVA Academic and Career Development Committee has put together "In 'Hoos' Shoes", an event that partners local alumni with third year students for a day of "job shadowing". So imagine my surprise that someone was actually interested in shadowing me for a "day in the life of" a romance novelist. Then imagine my surprise over someone wanting to shadow me after I submitted the following description of my job:

"I write.
I make up the words I write.
I typically write more than three sentences."

Well, obviously, the person who wants to see how that's done is my kinda person! What a hoot! Susie'Hoo, (not to be confused with a Suzie-Q, which is also sweet), was just lovely and I just wanted to post a little thank you note to both Suzie'Hoo and the fine folks who arranged the meet-and-greet/day of job shadowing.

What I learned at today's job shadowing event:

  1. a renewed sense of pride in being an UVA Alumna. (Suzie'Hoo is smart! Cudos Mom and Dad 'Hoo in Alexandria, VA. Clearly, my own admission to UVA was the result of some sort of clerical error, because I don't recall ever being that bright, energetic, or unafraid of trying new things.)
  2. a renewed sense of professionalism. (In recounting for Suzie'Hoo the ebb and flow of my writing day, it reinforced in me, the importance of coming to work every day - especially when there is little day-to-day accountability. You really do not survive in this business - or any, I suspect - unless you remain accountable and present. Note to self: don't forget to write your 1,000 words for the day.)
  3. a renewed appreciation for the writing community in the Charlottesville area. (We were fortunate that our day of "job shadowing" fell on the same day the LWDC - Ladies Who Drink Coffee - were to meet. Suzie'Hoo and I went from our meet-and-greet breakfast at Alumni Hall to the home of Joanna Bourne - writer extraordinaire. Jo's wisdom and willingness to share what she knows is the focus of my heart-felt appreciation. Plus, it would have been really boring for Suzie'Hoo if she had to just sit in my writing cave and watch me type.)
  4. a renewed appreciation for the long-term benefits of UVA's Academic and Career Development. (Once a 'Hoo, always a 'Hoo, and that massive 'Hoobrella extends into your future.)
So, if I sound a bit 'Hoo-centric today, then yes. I feel it. I am sated with a renewed love for what I am fortunate enough to do as a career. (I'm also sated with Bodo's Bagels. Mmmm. Thanks.)


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