30 Days Until the Second (of Four) Moves!

See that exclamation point in the title? That's me putting a smile on it! :) SMILE!!

Move 1 - was to this house, this house that's going on the market in about 30 days.
Move 2 - this move that we're in the midst of - to the limbo house - the house we park it in until the renters, who are currently living in our home, find a "forever" home of their own.
Move 3 - moving my eldest child to her new home at college.
Move 4 - EVENTUALLY, moving back to our "forever home.

So this is the 30 day count-down until we move to the limbo house. I call this the limbo house, because it's the holding pattern house - the house we will use. (Poor house.) It's a cute house. It's not such a cute location. Location, location, location!!! (Okay, that's my location rant. The last one you'll hear from me. I am grateful to have a limbo house. In fact, that's what I'm going to call it. It is now and forever more the Limbo House - a cute, little block of a house that is perfectly perfect and will know much love and coddling while we are there. (And never say never. If catastrophe struck, it could be the forever house. Never count your chickens.)

So, this is day one of our 30 days out from our second move in as many years. So today, I plot and plan. I begin amassing boxes. I begin packing up (and disposing of) things that have lived in boxes for 2 years since the last move.

It's actually very cleansing, moving this often. We found that we had an over-abundance of stuff. Some of it nice, at least four pick-up truck loads that were not so nice and went to the dump, (yes, we were housing stuff that we later termed garbage - in our house. That's what happens when you don't move for 12 years.)

My mantra of the day: boxes, boxes, boxes. Amassing boxes.


  1. I have boxes. I wonder if there's anyway to get them to you.

    1. That's so sweet of you to offer. I'm actually set with boxes. Hard liquor and we might talk. :)


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