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Falling Out of My Chair: Oculus Rift

Today, I'm going a tad off-road in my subject matter, but one of the many things I love is technology. (If I hadn't majored in B.S., I would totally have headed in the science writing direction.) And today, as we all begin to come out of our post-post-Christmas comas, I am taken by something that my grandfather said once. He said, (and this is me paraphrasing rather than a direct quote,) "in my lifetime, I've seen the first car drive in front of my house, I saw the first airplane to fly overhead, and I saw a man land on the moon."

Those are some pretty huge changes to experience in one life time. And I'm not sure it really equates to the changes Grandaddy saw, but I was feeling a bit of his awe Christmas morning as my son, a young game developer, opened his new Oculus Rift.

What, you ask, is an Oculus Rift? Only the coolest virtual reality device developed! Here it is in all it's glory, courtesy of the oculus web-site:
Yes, it connects to your PC, but th…