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The Secret Sauce to Working from Home

"Work at Home!" Sounds like one of those bogus advertisements you see in the side bar of your favorite social media, doesn't it?

Well, it's not bogus. For many writers it's the reality, but about once a year, a writer will chirp up to ask, "how? How do I balance it all?" Such was the case this week when a fellow writer threw the question out there again for one and all. "How do you balance writing and kids" and often another part-time or full-time job?

Then just today, this popped up on my wiki-how link in my browser home page.

Most of the points in the link I had already discovered - the hard way, but basically, it consists of this:

Define your space
Let everyone else know the boundaries
Define your hours
Let everyone else know your work hours

This is a lesson my kids and I learned when they were attending Montessori pre-school. Anyone who has ever been in a Montessori classroom will be familiar with the s…