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Diana Cosby considers me a WINNER!!!

Okay, on the heels of the recent powerball win, I should probably temper that just a bit, but I did WIN! No, not the powerball, so you can just put your phone down. Stop googling me and trying to hack into my financial records. There's nothing to show there.

But I did win THIS!!!! HIS WOMAN, by Diana Cosby!

No, I did not win the laptop. I've had that for years. The book, silly! The book, the poster, the book marks, the personalized note!

I received a copy of HIS WOMAN, by Diana Cosby, as the randomly drawn name in her monthly newsletter drawing. Well, actually, I was the winner of another book, but I already owned that book, so Diana was so sweet and she sent me a copy of HIS WOMAN, which I did not own yet! All the cool stuff - book marks and cover flat - those were happy add-ons! AND they're all autographed!!

So I can't wait to get into HIS WOMAN. Did I mention it was written by Diana Cosby? Yes? It all arrived yesterday in this:

A mangled, man-handled, bedraggled en…