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How to Surround Yourself with People Who Are Smarter Than You - 101

About the only thing I've done right is to surround myself with people who are smarter than I am. Kids, husband, friends, (cat, dog - afterall, they've both trained me to open the door on command), and my writing buds - all of whom rank WAY above the cat and dog, and who, on all matters writing related, totally smoke the husband and kids.

As writers, we are advised to join critique groups with people who write better than us. At some point, somebody's got to be in the middle. But how do you go about acquiring those brilliant writing buds?

You NETWORK, Dudes. And if you're a writer wondering how to network with brilliant writers, then you're about to miss out on a whole mess of opportunity at the Virginia Festival of the Book - . It all gets down Saturday, March 23rd, in Charlottesville, so opportunity? Got that. It's all free, so cost? Got that. There is an absolutely BRILLIANT line-up of writers, so people who are smarter than me? Got that too!