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Homemade Pharmaceuticals

I realized I should have given the reader a bit of backstory to the next video. So, without further delay, I acquaint you with this Ted Talk.

I usually take a light tone with my blogs, but I've gone through all the pharmaceuticals in my cupboard - expectorants, decongestants, etc. -  and for what I suspect is the third time in as many months, I'm brewing another bout of pneumonia! My second Z-Pak has only served to destroy all of my good bacteria. So I'm reverting to home remedies, a.k.a., hard liquor.

But during my congested state of half-life, I happened across this Ted Talk. Even I, with my PollyAnna outlook had to pause and hold my breath for a moment. (Pause. Watch the video. Really.)

Yes, another Star Trek prediction come to life through 3-D matter printing!!! Okay, in Star Trek, they call them replicators, but that is essentially what this researcher is proposing. Do what? I'm still reeling over the revelation that we can now print guns with at-home 3-D printer…