Lookin' Up All Da Big Words!

I'm home from the Symposium on Authorship at Princeton, New Jersey. Yes, that's Princeton, the University, the beautiful, gothic, private, ivy league.... I know, I know. Clearly, a clerical error was made in my receiving an invitation to present at this most scholarly of discussions centered around the romance novel, the authors of romantic fiction, and the relationships between those authors and readers. But once I was in the door, the only thing that would have made me leave would have been a call to security and an armed escort. (No one called security. Whew.)

But what I took away was another perspective of this symbiotic relationship that cannot be overlooked: the scholar him/herself. I'm still in awe of the discussions that went around the room following each speaker - the depth of investigation, the thoughtful, oftentimes microscopic dissection of the novel(s), the study of those relationships between authors, readers, and non-readers, and the lively debates that were launched by the presentations.

I'm still "lookin' up all da big words". (No joke. At one point I did actually begin a vocabulary list of words to look-up when I got home.) But enough of the content rained over my head to make me sit up and take notice of the this new treatment of the romance genre - as a point of scholarly study - for which I am truly grateful.


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