Festus: The Invisible Poop Throwing Monkey On My Shoulder

There's a monkey on my shoulder. His name is Festus. He is invisible, but that does not mean he is an easy creature to maintain. (He throws poop - albeit invisible poop - just to try to get a reaction out of me.)

And today, this monkey is nagging me to get off the pot, or, on it, or just to get busy! I haven't written all week. That is to say, I've been writing, but not the stuff I should be writing. I've been writing checks, and writing letters, and writing, er, blogs... because I've been having something of a crisis.

What to write? YA or continue with the romantic comedies? On the one hand, I think I've got more YA material in me. (Comes from being a kid at heart, or immature). On the other hand, my mother likes the romantic comedies. So there you have it, Festus, you gross little primate!

Alright, alright, have it your way. I'll finish this freakin' YA novel, maybe go on to the next one for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month during the month of November), and maybe just piddle in the romantic comedy sector when my mother runs out of reading material.

Now, go poop on someone else's shoulder for a while!


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