A Writer's Retreat Weekend (or how to jump start your writing muse)

There's nothing like going to someone else's home for a get-away. I feel no compunction to do their laundry or cut their grass. Love my kids, but a weekend away? Golden. It's a time to plug in to the work-in-progress, unfettered by distractions...

Unless you travel with this wild group of writers!!!
(From left to right) The Lovely Elvy Howard
 and Denise Golinowski -writing phenoms!
(Alexa cut from photo to protect her privacy.)
Leah St. James - she looks so nice for
one who writes such dark murder!
Seriously, who could be anything but inspired when you travel with these women.?(And one writer, Alexa Day, author of ILLICIT IMPULSE, tractfully cut from the photo to protect her anonymity.)

The wine was flowing, thanks to Alexa who provided the booze. Elvy (far left), author of LOVE ON THE HALF SHELL, prepared some of the most amazing chicken and shrimp skewers I've ever eaten before and Denise (right), author of COLLECTOR'S ITEM,  was up at the crack of dawn every morning preparing our continental breakfasts.

While Leah, (right) whipped up some amazing sandwiches for lunch - turkey, apple, cheese and cranberry sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Our daily regimen - breakfast by 8am, then off to our respective rooms to write. No talking. At lunch, everyone came out of hiding for a quick lunch which we all took back to our rooms for an afternoon of more writing! Then we came together again for dinner, and kicked back, talked writing, life, and love until the lightening bugs wowed us into silence with their nightly fireworks display.

The venue for this wonderful weekend? The Porches in Norwood, Virginia.
The Porches, Norwood, VA

Our hostess and owner of The Porches, Trudy, is lovely and opens her home to writers only. For a very reasonable fee you can enjoy one of the five bedrooms, a shared bath, and a beautiful setting that will inspire you.

But mostly, you can enjoy the quiet... and jump start your writing muse. I know my muse got a little jolt this past weekend.

You can feel like you were a part of the weekend by checking out the writing talent over at www.teanstrumpets.com. Enjoy!



  1. Hi Sofie! It was delightful spending a weekend with you and the other Strumpets. You failed to mention your DELISH lasagna for Friday Night! You got out before I could give you a hug so sending one virtually <<<>>>

    1. You're sweet. :) ((Hugs)) back atcha!

  2. What a great weekend! And I have to "ditto" what Denise said about the lasagne. The entire time was a sensory feast for the tummy, the eyes (stunning beauty everywhere I looked), the ears (as in BLISSFULLY QUIET), and the brain (great conversation, time to really think). Thanks for the photos! I didn't get any people shots...except of myself standing in front of the magic mirror in the Treetops Room that made me look 10 pounds thinner. (I'm keeping that one.) :-)


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