Shopping: An Extreme Sport

I do not like it, Sam, I am.

No, I do not like to shop.
I do not like, "shop 'til you drop."

I do not like it at the mall.
Trying on clothes does me appall. (ugh)

I do not like to try on socks.
I will never be a "fox."

Next year, I will not sign your contract
To make me shop will take a legislative act.

Two and one half hours that are lost forever,
"That cost how much? Whatever."

But I guess it's a modest price to pay,
To pal 'round with my daughter for one whole day.


  1. I'm with you on the shopping taboo.
    I would not like it in a zoo!

    I do not like the crowds or cars.
    They make me want to frequent bars! :-)

    Thanks for the laugh! And lucky you to have a daughter to dull the pain! Enjoy!

    1. :) Yeah, but she's the one who created the pain. She actually made me sign a contract, promising to go shopping for one full outfit. That was about 6 months ago, scheduled for April. Ugh.


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