Mr. Jones - he's so cheap, he's FREE!

Do you remember that cartoon with the singing frog. You know the one? The frog's Manager, (for lack of a better title), signs a contract to rent a theater for his amazing singing frog. Sigh. No one comes. Then he puts out a sign that says "Free Beer" and pork rinds or something similar, and a mob of disreputable bums come charging into the theater. Okay, bad analogy. That would make you folks the disreputable bums and that's not true at all!You're SPECIAL! So much so, you MIGHT be the only person with permission to read my blog, notifying you that my latest novel, KEEPING UP WITH MR. JONES is free - FREE, I tell you! Today, Tomorrow, and Sunday. The fact of the matter is, you just don't know how special you are - to me.

So, if you feel so inclined, go on down to that bottom link. There. It's - right - down - at - the - bottom. Down there. Okay, never mind. It's here:  and it will link you to the Amazon site where the Kindle version of my book is available for free. Ahhhh, you're the suspicious type. Okay, then don't click on that link. Go to, and enter KEEPING UP WITH MR. JONES in the search bar. It's the first book that comes up. Click on the Kindle version link. Make sure it still says $0.00. Grab you a copy. Heck. Grab two, they're small. (Heck, they're digital. They're practically invisible. Send free copies to your friends.) Read. Enjoy.
Then you have one of several decisions to make. 1) You fire me an angry e-mail to the effect of "Don't. Just stop writing," or 2) save the link for later, in which case you could end up spending real money on my poison or 3) you go so far as to click the link, (which could be safe or it could take you to a repulsive looking dude in Russia who runs a sweat shop and collects personal information) but it doesn't, or 4) you could download a copy of the book.

If you enjoy it, pleeeease write a review and share it on Amazon. That's not a mandate, obviously. It's just really cool, and it REALLY helps out a struggling writer. Share your love. If, however, you find it repulsive, er, I never made a contingency plan for this. Okay, forget that option. Now, off with you. Go. Click. Enjoy.
Sofie (Annette to those of you who know me as the namesake of the late, great, Princess of Disney, Mouseketeer.)



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