Mr. Body is Dead!!!!!!

It was Miss Scarlet,
in the conservatory,
with the lead pipe!

No, no, no, that's not it.

It was Beau Brummel,
in the arboretum,
with a telephone cord!

Nope. Not quite. But it feels closer.
Oh,I 've got it!

at the Charlottesville City Space, (in Charlottesville, Virginia)
with "Corsets and Clues".

And you can be a witness! Be there Saturday, March 23rd! Actually, it's an all day affair - a day for readers of romance - during the Festival of the Book! I know where I'll be on the 23rd.

It will be Sofie Couch,
in the City Space...
...with an ink pen.


  1. Hi, Sofie! It's Denise in the Dining Room with a Stick Pin. No one'll ever see that entry wound. No, honestly, I'll be there for Corsets and Clues. Can't wait! This is such a creative way to share the announcement. Well done, you!

    1. Well done YOU! for being one of the many talented writers who will be there! I can't wait! And to anyone else reading this, DENISE GOLINOWSKI will be there, lurking in the wings! Catch her newest release, COLLECTOR's ITEM. Chilllllllls.

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