Book'Em Dan-O!

It's going on RIGHT NOW! The Virginia Festival of the Book. If you're a writer or a reader and you're not in Charlottesville, Virginia right now, this very moment, you're really missing something pretty cool. Every year, The Virginia Foundation for the Humanities puts on a literary spectacular throughout the city - The Virginia Festival of the Book. Most of the events are FREE to participants. It's a mini-conference, it's networking, it's synergy... and it's right here in the town I call home.

And Saturday's line-up is going to be aMAZEing! - an extravaganza of romance writers, mystery writers, paranormal writers!

So in celebration of the festival, I'm having a little Book Festival of my own. Today marks the "completion" of my library. (yeah, yeah, yeah. Just ignore the man behind the curtain... and the whole in the sheet rock... and the paint that seeped past the blue tape barrier. Without further rambling, I bring you, the grand preview of ....

Sofie's Festival of Books!!!

These are the steps leading to a bedroom loft. (Yes, each step is the size of one foot, so you have to lead with your right foot going up, and your left foot coming down.)

The other side of the room. (Yes, that's my Christmas tree, still sitting in the corner of the room.) It'll look more booky when I've finished moving the rest of my books, (those that have been in boxes since we moved), to the ladder/shelf and atop the kindergarten "coat closet".

And this is the underside of my bookshelf/staircase. I'll finish painting... later.

See you tomorrow at the Virginia Festival of the Book. Tonight, I'm going to enjoy a talk given by Rita Mae Brown and Dorthea Benton Frank on creativity. I can't wait!


  1. Nice, Sofie! I'm not going to the Festival this year. You've made me regret it!!!:)

    Mary Montague Sikes

    1. Oh shoot! Hopefully you're doing something absolutely fabulous fun.

  2. Wow, Sofie! That looks awesome! I can't wait to see the read deal tomorrow evening. You're so creative and industrious! Enjoy the evening panel(s) and see you tomorrow!

    1. Oh my. I was a wonderful talk. (Got back about an hour ago), and while I'm sure no one was pointing and staring, I felt like an absolute school girl in the presence of her biggest crushes. I got both Rita Mae Brown and Dottie Benton Frank to autograph their latest books ... and I was totally tongue tied. It was like I had crashed a salon party and the guests of honor were Pablo Picasso and Gertrude Stein. I think I got their photographs - on my cell phone since I forgot my camera. Ugh. Wonder if I'll be any more coherent tomorrow at a day of fantabulous writers? Hand holding. I require massive hand-holding.


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