Homemade Pharmaceuticals

I realized I should have given the reader a bit of backstory to the next video. So, without further delay, I acquaint you with this Ted Talk.

I usually take a light tone with my blogs, but I've gone through all the pharmaceuticals in my cupboard - expectorants, decongestants, etc. -  and for what I suspect is the third time in as many months, I'm brewing another bout of pneumonia! My second Z-Pak has only served to destroy all of my good bacteria. So I'm reverting to home remedies, a.k.a., hard liquor.

But during my congested state of half-life, I happened across this Ted Talk. Even I, with my PollyAnna outlook had to pause and hold my breath for a moment. (Pause. Watch the video. Really.)

Yes, another Star Trek prediction come to life through 3-D matter printing!!! Okay, in Star Trek, they call them replicators, but that is essentially what this researcher is proposing. Do what? I'm still reeling over the revelation that we can now print guns with at-home 3-D printers. And we're still debating gun control? Sure, I don't want guns in the hands of crazies any more than the next "sane" person, but that option is gone. Kaput. At this very moment, anyone can go on-line and purchase a 3-D printer for as little as $499, (the basic model), and whip out any number of plastic objects that fit within the confines of a 6-inch by 6-inch cube. That would be, small handguns, bullets, pencil grips - whatever your poison of preference.

But the reality of it is, soon, we won't be controlling any substances. Not guns. Not pharmaceuticals. Not pencil grips. So what are the ramifications? Gun control laws become superfluous. Drug control laws? Superfluous. Pencil grips? We may need to re-think the hazards of those. What if the guy who would have taken up arms to steal from his neighbor no longer has the need or desire to do so, because he could just whip up his own stuff? The drug addict is no longer supporting his supplier who is no longer supporting a drug cartel, because the person with the addiction makes his own crap at home.

That leaves us right back where we started.. How do we help the guy who is so sad he enters an elementary school with a semi-automatic rifle? How do we provide rehabilitation for the person who makes his own toxic pharmaceuticals at home? How do we rehabilitate a school system that has to resort to the use of metal detectors at its entrances to control those it purports to educate?

Until we can address each of those situations - at its root - it's just so much duct tape. Maybe it's just the third bout of pneumonia talkin'. Maybe it's the hard liquor I've switched to, in preference over a third round of antibiotics. Whatever it is, right now would not be too soon for UPS to deliver my own 3-D pharmaceutical printer.



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