Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

You know the commercial - little old woman with short, curly blue hair. If only she had one of those buttons on a cord around her neck. My luck, I'd strangle myself with the fool thing.

And this is me, minus the short curly blue hair, but on the sofa wondering if I called for help, if the child upstairs would hear my cries.

It all began about a month ago. I was madly wrapping up the edits on the latest novel, KEEPING UP WITH MR. JONES. (That, btw, is a shameless little promotional plug. Feel free to click on the link. Don't worry. It'll open the "buy it now" button in a new window. You can get right back here.) Anyhoo, I was going a bit off the deep end, trying to do it all - write, homeschool, (at least, maintaining the pretense that my children have not been left on their own to atrophy), AND finish the renovations on this house by April.

Something had to give! So I made a pledge to myself - finish this book, publish it, and then get crackin' on the house until its done. NO MORE WRITING UNTIL THE END OF APRIL!!!! Yikes!

So Monday was my first day at my full-time home reno job. And it was carpet removal day.
The sweetie pie moved all of the family room furniture to the other half of the room the previous Sunday. So Monday, I was up and down removing twenty year old wall-to-wall carpet, padding, about a gazillion staples, pulling up the trim and cutting back the door facings. (I love working with cool power tools.)

Tuesday was pine flooring day.
Again, I spent the day, up and down, and quite often on my head installing the aforementioned flooring. (I love my floor nailer.)

Wednesday was stain day! I spent the day, up and down, (but mostly scoochin' around on my butt), applying Early American stain.

And today, Thursday, I applied the first coat of polyurethane. Mind you, I've already floored most of the house over the past several months. I have just this room, a small office and an upstairs foyer to lay, but for some reason, this time, I feel every one of my 49 years. I have aches in places I didn't know muscles existed.

The fans are blowing right now and tonight, it will receive another coat of polyurethane, then tomorrow morning, I'm off to Lowe's again, (where, I'm sad to say, we are on a first name basis), for the pearl gray that will go on the walls.

And that's where this story began - back with me, lying on the sofa, wondering, "if a woman falls and can't get up and there's no one around to come to her rescue, did she really crash?

Oh, and all that bull about not writing until the end of April? Pthrrrpt. Who am I kidding? If I didn't at least blog, my head would explode.


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