Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot, Now I Need a Cootie Shot!

Ain't it grand? Valentine's Day? Okay, sure, money maker for greeting card industry, but if you're artistically challenged, why not support an underpaid artist via Hallmark, or American Greeting, or Jacquie Lawson? Better yet, buy local!!! My local CVS was chock-a-block on the greeting card aisle yesterday when I went in for my third prescription drug in as many months.

But today, it all makes sense. I officially have cooties, er, pneumonia... again... in continuation... whatever. Don't pull out your cootie catchers yet. I'm not contagious... probably.

So I send cyber hugs and kisses to all those I love. And a virtual vaccination against my particular brand of plague: "Circle, circle, dot, dot. Now you've had your cootie shot!"

P.S., if you forgot to get a card, really quick, click on this link to send your sweetie an e-copy of my latest sweet, romantic comedy, KEEPING UP WITH MR. JONES


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