Bass Ackwards

Feeling  overwhelmed? Too much on your plate? Kids struggling in school (or in our case, atrophying in homeschool?) Feel the need to prioritize?

Just that paragraph is enough to send a person rummaging the cupboard for anti-depressant meds. But boy, oh, boy, do I have the solution for you!!!

You've just been looking at it all bass ackwards. The popular advice to getting organized, prioritizing, plotting the kids' college-bound futures is USUALLY to sit down and make a list of the things you mean to accomplish in order of importance. Not in my scenario. Not in my plan for world domination. You wanna add to your stress levels? Just sit down and make a list and then find yourself unable to check off all the items on your day's "to do" list. Sheesh.

Rather, you should sit down, (make a cup of coffee first, or whatever your preferred vice), grab paper and pencil and make a list... of all the things you have DONE the previous day.

Mine goes something like this. First I categorize, breaking my tasks into three columns: home renovation, writing, homeschooling. (There's also bill paying and house cleaning and that sort of junk, but that's no fun, so I'm just gonna ignore it for now.)

So under Home Renovation, yesterday I made another trek to the home improvement store where they know me by name now. I purchased a sheet of bead board, finishing nails, and a piece of peg board. I came home and installed the aforementioned bead board (which fit like a well-edited demonstration on "This Old House". Yeah me!) And I made a mental list of the trim bits I'll need to finish my bookshelf staircase invention. Then I swept up all my debris and left a clean slate for more home reno stuff tomorrow (er, today.)

Under Homeschool, I wrote the following: Son played video games while Skyping with friends. He helped hold the beadboard while I nailed, we watched Big Bang Theory together which launched the further discussion of the Higgs boson particle, so we pulled out an article on the topic. It had great graphics describing how the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at Cern in/under Geneva, Switzerland works. From there, we read together another biographical section of Quantum: Einstein, Bohr, and the Great Debate about the Nature of Reality by Kumar. (Excellent book, by the way. A must read!)

And finally, under the Writing heading: I uploaded a chapter of fan-fiction to Movellas and it's receiving some very good feed back. I'm still waiting to hear back from some beta readers about my latest romantic comedy, and I wrote some good filler for another romantic comedy project, bringing that up to about 150 pages complete.

If I had gone into the day with intetion - a check list of things "to do" - I might have gone to bed feeling I had not accomplished much for the day. Afterall, what was on my original list of things "to do" read something like "finish the stair/bookshelf project", "get son signed up for that algebra 1 class", and "write 20 pages". I would have failed on all three marks. But as it is, I WIN!!! I can see in retrospect that I was incredibly productive for the day!

I'm off to Lowe's to pick-up some finish trim bits for that stair/bookshelf project, (pictures to follow), who knows where homeschool will take us today. (Yesterday, we found a site for building your own computer. Maybe that'll launch something?) and as for the writing? Well, just look at me, finishing up a blog - the first I've written in weeks... and here it is, just 9:07 A.M.


  1. Hi Sofie! I LOVE IT. A few glances Bass Ackwards would save the sanity of quite a few folks I suspect. We forget how much we get done. How much we HAVE accomplished in pursuit of the NEXT THING. Thank you so much for the reminder and here's Knowing tomorrow's Bass Akwards will show you rocked your day!

    Denise Golinowski


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