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Flaws, Fangs, and Graphic Art!

Do you, like me, love a flawed hero(ine)? Give me a hero with lots of baggage and I'm hooked. Today, I have the distinct pleasure of hosting the guest blogging team of: Sherrill Bodine, Rosemary Paulas, Laurie DeMarino, and Patricia Rosemoor, the authors of Whispers from the Void Silver Phoenix Entertainment, Inc. A new comic book series from the female point of view of Team Monster
Blythe/Blight, Ghost written by Sherrill Bodine Paranormal Suspense Author She’s been an 18 year old virgin for 200 years. Betrayed by her husband on her wedding night, she was cursed by his witch lover to sleep for 50 years and to awaken not as a friendly ghost but as a creature who destroys anything living within 4 feet of her. She tries to hide so she doesn’t hurt anyone. She’s been desperate and lonely, but now Fate has brought her Team Monster...and hope.
Idonia, Scientist written by Rosemary Paulas Paranormal Suspense Author Idonia, a scientific ge…