My treat to myself - a set of vintage Christmas tree lights from Mom and Dad's shop, A&W Collectables, in Keswick, Virginia. I promise, no books were harmed in the making of my mini-book-tree. Most of the books came from our local Recycle Center and boy-oh-boy, did I ever SCORE. In addition to some great hardbacks on a variety of topics, I snagged a copy of BIRD BY BIRD, by Anne Lamott. Did I mention it was a practically NEW copy? Schweet! And as an added bonus, FIVE (count 'em, 5) different Calvin and Hobb's books by Bill Waterson! They were well loved and dog-eared, but someone will love them all over again.

So I guess those are my Christmas gift suggestions for the day.

And as an added bonus, some sweet samaritan has installed a coffee pot and doughnuts at the recycle center's book trailer. I love Charlottesville. I love Christmas!


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