Book Signing, and Antiquing, and Crafts - Does it get any better?

I have A.D.D. It stands for Antiquing and Decorating Disorder. It comes on in spurts and starts, like now, and tries to draw me away from the task of writing. But it's business, I mean, another business, and it keeps me sane. I can't spend every day talking to imaginary people. So for fun and frolics, I split myself into multiple tiny little bits of me and go off on tangents.

For example, I just left the imaginary Mr. Jones with his cheek drool stuck to a page in a book, to run across the house and crank out some price tags for this weekend's HOLIDAY VINTAGE MARKET!

Here's the link: It all goes down this weekend, Saturday, November 17th, and I'll be there with my antiquey wares, and my books, and some friends who have books, and my mother-in-law who has crafts, and we're gonna throw it all together under a tent in 40 degree weather, and freeze our littler rear..., er, I mean, have a great time!

So if you find yourselves at loose ends and want to sample some great vintage holiday fare, come join us in Ashland, Virginia. It's a two day event, but we'll only be there on Saturday, so come... buy... bring us something warm. Brrrrrr.

Here's a preview of some of the stuff I'll be bringing:


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