My "Baby" is a YA!

Fish gotta swim. Birds gotta fly. And my baby has to grow up. Yes, today, (actually, tomorrow, the 18th,) my baby is officially a teenager. He can officially register on Facebook, (and stop using his older sister's birthdate on his account,) he can cash in on the ridiculous deal I made with my kids when they were tiny - that I would start teaching them to drive a car when they turned 13, and I no longer have a "little kids." (Sad mother.) Although, truth be known, I haven't had a "little" kid for quite some time. My 12, 13 year old tomorrow, is over six feet tall, and wears a men's size 15 shoe, (yes, you read that right. A SIZE 15!!)

And that mess of a cake in the picture? For those of you not familiar with the fine properties of a game called "MINECRAFT", that's a Minecraft cake. Yes, likewise, as my children have gotten older, they've become more forgiving of their mother's lack of skill in the kitchen. They will still get themed birthday cakes so long as I can pop a can of frosting. (No pigs, sheep, or "Creepers" were injured in the production of that cake.)

But he will have to put up with his smother mother who will still insist on getting a hug every morning, and put his super power to use reaching all of the dishes on the top shelf. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SASA-LOVE! (You will always be my "baby".)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your "baby"! Mine are well past the YA years, but I still insist on a hug, and I still think of them as my babies. On the whole teaching him to drive at age 13 thing're on your own there! I had enough terror when mine learned at age 17!

  2. I love the minecraft cake!! Happy Birthday to him! 13 and over 6 feet. Wow! My son just turned 12 in March and is about 5'8" Which I thought was tall, especially since I'm only 5'1" :-)

  3. Thanks to you both! Yes, my kids definitely got their height from their dad. (I would like to say they got their feet from him too, but alas... sigh.)My cakes have gotten consistently more inventive and worse looking as they've grown. :)


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