What Do You Wanna Be (When You Grow Up)?

Sometimes, for some of us, we don’t figure it out until late in life. And keep in mind, the end goal isn't achieved until you're dead, so don't rush it. But for you over-achievers who want your cake, (to know your goal,) and eat it too, (achieve it sooner rather than later,) here’s my little check-list for figuring it out.

1) What do you dream about?
2) How would you finish this sentence? “If I could be anyplace, I would be in (blank) doing (blank).”
3) What is your favorite pastime?

That’s all. Just three simple questions. Don’t have a dream? Okay, maybe not an “I dream about someday being president,” kinda dream, but certainly you have a recurring dream - the one you're always trying to re-capture - about something – traveling, meeting someone famous, doing something exciting.

Next task: visualization. (Insert cool dream sequence music.)
1) Picture yourself acting out your dream
2) Picture yourself in the place, doing the thing (from the second question above.)
3) Picture yourself engaged in your favorite pastime.

What does that job look like? Well, here’s a “fer example”.
My answers to the first set of questions look something like this:

1) I dream about a cool old abandoned house that’s chocked full of antiques and I discover late in the dream that I own this house.
2) If I could be anyplace else, I would be in the country, slowly renovating an old house.
3) My favorite pastimes are drawing and writing.

What does that job look like? Well, I have a house… in the country… that I’m renovating. I enjoy collecting antique furniture. I write everyday and currently, I’m working on the ink drawings for the book trailer for book 2 in the series, MOONSHINE.
See the trailer for the first book, ANGELS UNAWARES, here.

There is one caveat here. Like a heroine in a novel, it's important to allow yourself to have a goal, but it's equally important to allow your goal the freedom to morph, because sometimes, what you think you wanted, is not REALLY what you wanted.

Let me know which dream you’ve decided to live!


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