The Power of "Invisibility"

A friend recently shared a youtube video, and ever since, I’ve been re-sharing the love through Facebook and Twitter. In case you haven’t seen it, I’d like to share it with you too, so go here, (in a separate window, so you can get back here after.)
Wow! There is little else that can move me to tears like really great music can. And this video dishes out a double whammy. What is it about this duo that makes them so powerful, (outside of the obvious vocal talent.) Is it his size? No. They are both physically beautiful people for different reasons. I can not describe them as “invisible”, because they are both stand-outs. What made this such a powerful team was the chemistry. If you watch the long version of this Britain’s Got Talent video, it includes excerpts of interviews with both of them. If anyone gives him shit about his size, she’s got his back. Likewise, when Simon suggests that he audition as a solo, he has her back. Is there any characteristic more heroic than loyalty? And THAT is the sort of magic I can only aspire to create in my novels – books about young people who seem ordinary in every respect, but draw from inner strength and gifts to amaze the world. Good luck in the competition, Jonathan and Charlotte!
MOONSHINE: The Prequel


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