"MirrorMera on the wall, Who's the Fairest...?"

MirrorMera92 is the winner! Her "follow" was chosen at random, i.e., closed my eyes, waved the mouse, and when I opened my eyes, the cursor was sitting - well, it was pointing off in a margin, so had to wave my mouse several times before it fell directly on MirrorMera92's profile picture.

MirrorMera92 - you can contact me privately with the "whens and where-hows" of getting copies of ANGELS UNAWARES and MOONSHINE out to ya! e-mail sofie@sofiecouch.com Congratulations! Yippee Yahoo!

What's that I see? Pouty faces? Sad. Tragic really. I can't take tragedy. And shouldn't we all be happy for MirrorMera? I am. Spread the love. Ahhhh. That's better. I feel it - the love, the well wishes. It's contagious. It's bubbling up inside me... it's spilling out on the keyboard! (What a mess.) It's forcing my fingers to type, unbidden, to type... "go ahead, and anyone else who contacts me with an e-mail at sofie@sofiecouch.com by tomorrow, April 3, 2012, I'll send you an electronic copy of MOONSHINE. (You should really probably "follow" my blog as well, so you don't miss out on great free promo stuff in the future.) All I ask in return is IF you like it, to blog, or post a review at Amazon, or tell a friend. Easy Peasy Lemony Squeezy. If you DON'T like it, then by all means, tell no one. Let the electronic copy moulder in the ether. Remove it from your Kindle carousel. Ooooh, you've got one of those fancy schmancy e-readers? Then delete it from your froo-froo reader. Go ahead. I'll never know. I'll just imagine you reading my book on your reader and oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over it as if it was the best thing written since the words "sliced bread" on a primary colored, celophane wrapper."


  1. Ahh, awesome! I'm so happy I scrolled through and saw this! Thanks so much Sophie! :) ~Mera


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