Daaark Shadows.... (Insert Creepy Music... and a giggle)

The giggle is for excitement. (Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!) Okay, I wanted to see each of the TWILIGHT movies - even went to a midnight show for one - but DARK SHADOWS - I can hardly wait - and Johnny Depp! Need I say more? Duh. (And it's not as icky as I thought at first, because Johnny Depp was born in June of 1963, which makes him 6 months older than me, and the same age as my husband, whom I love, and would never dream of biting on the throat. Digging a big deep hole for myself here, so stopping.)

Anyhoo, all this talk of age, while not endearing me to my YA readership, ('cause they're thinking, oooh, she's old, and she writes young adult novels,) does speak to the rationale behind my fondness for Dark Shadows.

I can just barely remember sitting in front of a large, black and white console television at my babysitter's house and watching the original series. Here's a re-cap of my initial review of the series: "Barnabus is scary. Barnabus has a little sister who wears pretty long dresses. Barnabus is nice to his sister. Barnabus is nice..., but scary."

Gimme a break. I was two, or three, or four or five, (my babysitter years.) Barnabus Collins bites people. (Now, insert image of Johnny Depp.) Would you object to being bitten by Barnabus Collins? Go ahead, say it. He bites and sucks, but that's a good thing... 'cause he's a FREAKIN' VAMPIRE! Cooool.


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