Procrastination vs. Processing

I'm not writing. Well, I'm blogging, but that's not really the same thing... or is it? The office is kinda smashed into the dining room while the floors are drying

But who am I kidding? They're already dry and I'm blogging to postpone the next step - painting the walls and trims. Ugh.

But there has been no consistent writing, (novel writing) during this process - and this process will be going on for quite some time.

We're told constantly that you're only professional if you're regimented, disciplined, WRITING EVERY DAY! But I'd like to take issue with this. Okay, for the most part, that is true, but sometimes, you have to get up out of your chair and go out and brainstorm. No new idea ever popped into a persons head in a vacuum. That's even true of the people who sit around, making up stories in their head. I would be re-writing whatever I read last week if I didn't get up occassionally and go outside and chase a chicken around the yard. Stepping outside of the office, (or ripping up the carpeting in the office and taking a trip to the dump, or lumber yard, or wherever,) gives us that life experience for coming back and putting it all down on paper, er, computer, er, digital form.

So today, I will paint, and plot - story, and the next phase of the home renovation. I encourage you to check out for the step-by-step, blow-by-blow of the home reno, hosted, (and designed) by our daughter, Della. I encourage you to check back next week when the homeoffice should be finished and I'll be spending regular, disciplined hours back at my desk, writing, plotting, and occassionally pausing to chase a chicken.


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