Golden Chestnuts Found at the Festival of the Book!

Every year, the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities puts on a great event called The Festival of the Book. It's a kind of writer's/reader's conference with a truly bizarre assortment of writers/speakers who give lectures throughout the week on every topic from Moonshining to Children's books.

So far, I've attended talks on sustainable housing, Technology and the Internet of Things, a Young Adult Authors reception, A Romance Writer's Panel, (woot, woot, VRW), an informative talk on e-publishing, a panel discussion by a group of four YA Authors, and today, I'm attending a talk on book illustration. Yes, there is something for everyone at the Festival.

However, there were two golden chestnuts that I will take away with me from the talks I attended. First, from the YA Author panel, Jenny Hubbard, author of Paper Covers Rock gave this bit of advice: "keep it authentic". And in the portion of her book she read to the audience, she did precisely that.
The second golden chestnut came from the forum on E-Publishing from Andy Straka, author of Blue Hallelujah. His advice was this: (paraphrasing) at the end of the day, no matter what publishing venue you use, the writing has to be good. If it's no good, the reader might buy your book, but they won't buy your second book, and it's all about reaching readers with our words.

So, that's me just off - to hone the authenticity of my WIP (work-in-progress,) and tweak it until it is the best book I am capable of writing - every page - every line!


  1. Sounds like good advice! Hope you enjoy today!


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