Novel Teas!

First Ladies Tea Parlor,
2170 William Styron Square , Newport News , VA , 23606

Join a lovely group of authors as they dish about writing, books, and all things beginning with the letter "t", er, rather, drink TEA.
Sundays at 3 p.m. following brunch. Feb. 5 - "The Suspense is killing me," Nancy Naigle & Leah St. James; Feb. 12 - "Sweet, Timesless Love," C.J. Chase & Grace Greene; Feb. 19 - "Sirens and Werewolves and Teens, Oh, My - Beyond Boys who Sparkle," Sofie Couch and Denise Golinowski; Feb. 26 - "Tea and ...Tarts, anyone?" Shara Lanel & Nara Malone. Reservations recommended. Visit for directions and contact information!


  1. See y'all there! It's the perfect place to get away with some girlfriends and have some fun. I'm ready!

  2. Me too! The food looks yummy, the atmosphere is fun, and the conversation should be lively! I'm looking forward to all four weeks.


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