Does a Writer Really Need Her Left Thumb?

I mean, really. It's a redundant digit if you think about it. It's only used for the space bar and you've got a perfectly good right thumb that can handle that job. Okay, it is often used for silly things like opening the ziploc baggies and when you hit it four or five times in the process of preparing an ice pack for said digit, you do seem to use it rather alot.

Day two of pine floor installation in the office reno. Half the floor covered before I ran out of lumber, so tomorrow, it's back to the lumber yard, (after the trip to the dump to dispose of the wall-to-wall nastiness that used to be in the office. 400 sq. ft. down. 1,700 sq. ft. of house to go! On the bright side, I don't need to fret over the writing I didn't accomplish today. The writer's lair is crammed in the dining room and afterall, it's February 29th, so did the day actually happen? I may wake in the morning to discover it was all a dream during which I stupidly smashed my thumb between my teeth. It could happen. (But then, anything is possible in the world of a fiction writer.)


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