Between a Rock and a Hard Place

(Or What Not to Do When Staging Your Home to Sell)

Rule number one: do NOT leave boulders in the livi

ng room

Okay, it’s not a real boulder. Ceci n’est pas un boulder. It’s a prop, although not exactly the sort of prop that your realtor would suggest you keep in the middle of your living room while they’re showing your house.

There is staging, and then there are things for the stage. Do not confuse the one with the other. Okay, the title really has nothing to do with staging your home, but rather, it’s an invitation to come check out a fabulous production at Live Arts in Charlottesville. There, you will enjoy bubbles, bilboquest and the aforementioned boulder, (just to break up what might have been some lovely alliteration,) in their upcoming production of “This Is Not a Pipe Dream”, the surreal story of Renee Magritte. Truly. Come check it out.)


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