YA Paranormal Romance or "I'm a Ninja. I'm a Hoodie Ninja..."

“I’m a ninja. I’m a hoodie ninja...,” or Book Marketing Genius 101
by Sofie Couch

Last year, I was standing in a line at the movie theater. It was me, one other sorry lookin’ middle-aged mother, five hundred teenage girls, and two boys, both dressed like Edward Cullen with the hair and the dark blue suits and everything. And that’s when it hit me: I was standing in the midst of my reader demographic – YA Paranormal Romance - with no way to make contact that wouldn’t get me arrested. (That came out all wrong.)

So this year, with the midnight preview show of Breaking Dawn right around the corner, I gave myself plenty of time, (one week,) to buy tickets on Fandango. (They were sold out.) Next best plan, I went anyway!

It was a great plan! My twelve year old son and I would dress up in our ninja attire, and at midnight, we would fan out across the parking lot that was filled with the cars of my demographic and hit every windshield with a book flier for ANGELS UNAWARES. And in my great marketing genius, I included the tag line: “If you grew up alongside a wizard… If your first love was a sparkly vampire…, Then meet an angel whose touch can kill. (Too bad for the girl he loves.)” Brilliant.

And with fluttery butterflies, we did it! We were short by about 200 fliers, so we only hit the cars toward the dark end of the parking lot. Two nights later, during the show for which I WAS able to secure tickets, I left another stack of fliers in the women’s restroom – on the sink – amidst the soap and water drips. (I know. Ick.) But they disappeared quickly. Okay, yeah, sure, they might have been thrown in the garbage by that pimply kid with the broom and dust pan on a stick. Hey, what’s he doing in the women’s restroom anyway?

Anyway, no matter. It was a priceless mother-son bonding moment, and did I mention that we looked COOL! (I did not just snort coffee.)

(Fade to music: “I’m a ninja. I’m a hoodie ninja. I’m a ninja. I’m a hoodie ninja…”


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