Where Do You Find Your Bliss?

My bliss is most often found at a computer. Sadly, I just fried another laptop, (due to no fault of the computer's. I think it might have been compromised by that glass of soda that got dumped into the keyboard.) Needless to say, the time in-between computer warranty servicing and the return of my baby has been tough and the first week of warranty servicing, I roamed the house aimlessly looking for purpose. Then in my organic way, I found myself outside painting the interior of my little vintage camper and once again, I had purpose and a home for finding my bliss!

You say you don't have a place of your own carved out for finding your bliss? Be it writing, artistic endeavors, gardening, whatever, you deserve a place to call your own and boy, oh boy, do I have the solution for you!

It began in the little vintage travel trailer and as I have long dreamed of doing, I began wallpapering the little bathroom in rejection letters. It became a positively zen process, and a labor of love. (Yes, I said a labor of love.) I found myself re-reading the rejections, not with sadness or depression, but with pleasure, because each letter represented a chapter in the honing of my craft. Kind editors and agents shared a piece of themselves, (allbeit, sometimes a very eensy weensy bit of themselves,) in defining what they were looking for, (and what I wasn't delivering.) But then the days grew warm. Yesterday, with the mercury at 105F, I had to temporarily abandon the travel trailer bathroom wallpapering project.

Once again, I found myself wandering around the house, looking for something to do, a space to call my own. I wandered into my office and while staring at the place where my little laptop usually sits I became conscious of the purpose of the overhaul of the travel trailer. It's my substitute office, a shrine I've been decorating for the eventual housing of my laptop when it's returned. While working, I've been imagining myself sitting at the little gold flecked linoleum table with my laptop in front of me, writing in some secluded place, finding my bliss again.

True, not everyone has a little travel trailer tastefully taking up valuable real estate in their yard, so as the temperatures soared, I came up with an in-door alternative that anyone with a modest pocketbook can afford. I'll call this the "Steamer Trunk Sweet Spot" - a portable writing office that takes up less than three square feet of floor space. I'm going to share the pictures with you here, now. Enjoy, and as both projects progress, I'll keep you posted with updated pictures. I'm so excited about this project. Even though my laptop is far away from me, I'm still building worlds. I'm creating a place in which to find my bliss. I hope you find your blissful space too!


  1. I loved this post and enjoyed your wonderful sense of humor. I could paper a very large bathroom with rejections if I'd kept them all. They live on in my mind. You should install a very small ac in your trailer and once again, it's yours. in winter, a small heater...the trunk is kewl too.

  2. :) Thanks for the fun post. "Steamer Trunk Sweet Spot." LOL ^5 You go, Sofie!


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