What if books were free?

This will begin to sound a bit like a John Lennon song, but...
if books were free.
First question most of us think is, well, as a writer, I would starve. (Yeah, like you're not already starving?)
Seriously! What if they were free? What if an author's income came from advertisers? What if books - ALL BOOKS - were uploaded to a single distribution web-site by the person holding the rights to the book and offered electronically to the WORLD for free? (There's no reason to pirate a book. Afterall, you can read it for free. There's no reason to dowload it to your e-reader, because everyone is using tablets with web-access and the format there is so beautiful, no one needs to download it and e-readers will be a flash-in-the-pan, because they're a single function device anyway as opposed to a tablet.)

Imagine if, for every advertising view, (for the sake of argument and mathematic simplicity,) what if you, the author, received one penny per advertising view, and what if, (again, for simplicity,) a reader was exposed to 100 advertisements per book? That's about a buck per read that would go directly to the author.

Now, what if that site also included a counter, so you, the author, could see where a reader stopped reading? And in addition to that feed back, what if there was a place to leave immediate feedback/reviews? - A star rating system as well as written comments. And what if readers could see which books were getting the most readers - a true count of bestseller status?

Imagine if this distribution site also categorized books by genre and sub-genre, star ratings, AND provided a means for the author to include a link to "buy this book" in hard copy? AND what if those revenues went straight to the author?

Imagine a global community of readers with access to books - all books - for FREE!

Hmmmm. Just some food for thought. It would take someone very knowledgeable with regard to writing web-script, someone with knowledge about the publishing industry - someone who already writes the code used by book and magazine distributors: Source Interlink, Anderson News, Baker and Taylor... Hmmmm. Someone like... "Honey? Are you awake yet?" (Bwa ha ha ha ha. Sofie, the evil genius scuttles off to a dark room for plotting. Moooore plotting.)


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